Schedule, MAN 6721.C056, Summer 2018, PMSM-HR

Class Session Date Topic and Agenda:
Please come to class prepared to discuss or be evaluated on the following material listed for each class session.
1 5/16
  • Course vision (what we want to accomplish ultimately)
  • Video 1 (Exam) and student introductions / Class poll – favorite topics, missing topics, external perspectives – take a moment now to jot these down so you are not overly influenced by the other students’ discussions
  • Course mission (the means by which the vision will be accomplished)
  • Video 2 (Opel) and syllabus and schedule review
  • Attendance and Seating Chart
  • Review of Harvard case studies.
  • Teams have already been established in webcourses, Please confirm your team members tonight.
  • Webcourses and Peer Reviews
  • Review of case studies
  • Rothaermel, Chapter 1: What is Strategy?
  • Kelley, Introduction 
  • Confirm your class enrollment by completing the short assignment in Webcourses.
2 5/23
  • Follow-Up from Session 1: Your feedback on course topics, guest speakers, chapter selections, company selections, project selections, desired presentation dates, videos, Chapter 1 – What is Strategy?
  • Rothaermel, Chapter 2: Strategic Leadership: Managing the Strategy Process
  • Case: Business Innovation: The MTR’s eInstant Bonus Project – Analyze the Exhibits, Discuss MTR’s Mission, Internal Environment, External Environment, then we will discuss the innovation launch
  • Kelley, Chapters 1 – 3: Learning Personas
  • BMW File, The Hire (Experimenter Persona)
  • Discuss project details; chapter selections, company selection and assignment choice are due by 5/25 at 11:59pm by webcourses ,mail, but you can tell me today in class if you want to confirm it right away. Note: there must be at least 2 teams presenting the 10k assignment and 2 teams presenting the Industry Analysis assignment for class learning experience, selections are first come, first served.
3 5/30
  • Guest Speaker – Doshie Walker – confirmed
  • Rothaermel, Chapter 3: External Analysis: Industry Structure, Competitive Forces, and Strategic Groups
  • Rothaermel, Chapter 4: Internal Analysis: Resources, Capabilities, and Core Competencies
  • Rothaermel, Chapter 5: Competitive Advantage, Firm Performance, and Business Models
  • Kelley, Chapters 4 – 6: Organizing Personas
4 6/6
  • Case: Capitec Bank: Leveraging Banking Innovations to Attract Wealthier Customers
  • Rothaermel, Chapter 6: Business Strategy: Differentiation, Cost Leadership, and Blue Oceans
  • Kelley, Chapters 7- 10: Building Personas [Team 7 (Ch 7), Team 6 Ch (8), Team 4 (Ch 9),Team 1 (Ch 10)]
5 6/13
  • 10K Project Due (Team Project)
    • 10K Project Presentations (unless completed on a prior session)
    • Note: We do brief peer assessments of all project presentations
  • Rothaermel, Chapter 7: Business Strategy: Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Team 8)
  • Video: Open Innovation at P&G
  • HBR Article: P&G / Connect & Develop
  • Rothaermel, Chapter 8: Corporate Strategy: Vertical Integration and Diversification
  • Review and Integration of the Kelley 10 Personas



  • Confrimed, Doris Alcivar – Assistant Director / Employer Relations, UCF Career Services
  • Team 2 prevents Recruitment Strategies
  • Case – Netflix in 2011
  • Rothaermel, Chapter 9: Corporate Strategy: Strategic Alliances and Mergers and Acquisitions (Team 3)
  • Rothaermel, Chapter 10 – Global Strategy: Competing Around the World
  • Midterm Instructor Evaluation
7 6/27
  • Industry Analysis Due (Team Project)
    • Team Industry Analysis Presentations (if not completed on a prior date)
  • Rothaermel, Chapter 11 – Organizational Design: Structure, Culture, and Control (team 5)
  • Rothaermel, Chapter 12 – Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

  • Case Assignment: Air Asia X: Can the Low Cost Model Go Long Haul?: discussions will focus on balancing exploitation / efficiency and exploration / growth
9 7/11
  • Case Review: Air Asia X: Can the Low Cost Model Go Long Haul?: discussions will focus on balancing exploitation / efficiency and exploration / growth
  • Class Discussion on the Importance of 10Ks and Industry Analysis in the AFI Strategic Planning model
  • Summary of the Key Topics from the Rothaermel text
10 7/18
  • Case: GE Money Bank: The M-Budget Card Initiative
  • Your Test Questions Discussed
  • Mini Exam Review
11 7/25
  • Paycom Strategic Presentation and Guest
  • In-Class, Closed-Book / Closed-Notes Final Exam
12 8/1
  • Team Company Strategic Analysis Due (Team Project)
    • Company Strategic Analysis Presentations
  • Course Summary, Final Thoughts
  • Review of Exam Results

Update Log:

  • 6/1/18: confirmed Doris Alcivar for guest speaking on 6/20/2018
  • 5/23/18: confirmed Doshie Walker guest speaker, deleted Tommy Bennett guest speaker and associated Shark Tank video, added Recruitment Strategies presentation on 6/20 for Team 2; added team assignment to chapters
  • 5/15/18: Initial version

Schedule Notes:

Rothaermel readings:
You should read the material from each chapter. Spend less time on topics that are familiar and comfortable for you; spend a little more time on topics that you are seeing for the first time. Most importantly, concentrate on those areas that you feel will be most relevant to your present and future career positions. Be prepared to share what you feel is the most relevant elements in each week’s assigned reading, as opposed to trying to memorize all of the information. Certainly, a comprehensive knowledge of strategic tools has value at all levels of all type of organizations as well as our personal lives, but you can always reference a topic in greater detail provided you know that it exists in the first place. Your final exam will contain the key concepts from this material, and most of which will be associated with class discussions.

Kelley readings:
This is a very easy read, and is not a textbook at all. Rather, it is a fresh human-resources perspective on strategy, focusing on how to do things new and differently (innovation) by finding and fostering the characteristics found in the 10 personas (faces) the author presents. I will be looking for you to tell me how this material can be applied in your current and future roles in the workplace, going beyond the examples the author provides. Please keep this perspective and capture this information as you read the material so you can share it with the class.

Guest Speakers:

Doshie Walker is a well qualified and result oriented Human Resources Manager/HR Generalist with over 30 years of successful experience in administration, development, growth and leadership of personnel. United States Army retiree with 22 years of honorable service, working in Human Resources. Strengths include great interpersonal skills, design and implementation of human resources initiatives that effectively increase productivity through training & development, human resources management and customer service. Top performer with a track record of consistently meeting or exceeding organizational goals, customer’s expectations and services. Emphasis on strategic planning, human resources administration, benefits administration, training and development for short-term and long-term goals, mentorship and employee engagement activities. Team player with polished communication skills, verbal, written, interpersonal, keen presentation skills, and collaborative team building.

Tommy Bennett is the Director of Hardware Engineering and manages all aspects of Unikey engineering efforts. Mr. Bennett has extensive experience in product development in the commercial, medical, and military markets. Mr. Bennett’s broad technological background includes product development in lasers and optics, fingerprint biometrics, and GPS/GSM tracking devices. By having experience in conceptual design through to domestic and overseas manufacturing, Mr. Bennett plays an integral role in Revolutionizing the Key. Mr. Bennett holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida.

Doris Alcivar is an Assistant Director of Employer Relations at UCF Career Services. Doris works primarily with employers looking to recruit on-campus. Prior to relocating to Florida she served as Assistant Director of the MS in Publishing: Digital and Print Media program at the NYU School of Professional Studies Center for Publishing. She has also previously worked as Director of Student Activities at Passaic County Community College, and Assistant Director of Student Services and Student Services Counselor at NYU Steinhardt. Her first job in higher education was as a Recruitment Assistant in Career Services at New York Law School. Doris holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Rutgers University and a Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from NYU Steinhardt.

Dan Ecoff is native to Central Florida. After attending UCF studying Biology, Dan began working as a sales representative for Oviedo-based I-CON Systems; a software controlled water conservation plumbing valve manufacturer. As I-CON Systems grew, Dan established a Regional Sales Manager position based in Austin, Texas. In July of 2015, Dan began working as Director of Sales for an early stage start-up, Trucker Path. Dan helped negotiate with Venture Capitalists, acquire series-A funding, build sales team, and work through live launch. Continuing momentum gained from momentum Trucker Path, Dan then began working for another pre-series funding start-up out of San Francisco, Zendrive. Outside of work, Dan enjoys hiking, camping, and live music.