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BIOGRAPHY – Robert Cascio, PhD

Robert Cascio PhD is a respected faculty member of the College of Business Administration at the University of Central Florida  and the driving force behind a privately-owned commercial real estate company. He thrives on academic exploration and research, business school education, real estate analytics and valuation, and strategic consulting. Those close to him describe Robert as adventurous, goal-oriented, innovative, passionate, and self-assured.

Research and Education

In 2011, Dr. Cascio achieved his PhD in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing Strategy. His dedication to advancing this field has led to publications in prestigious academic journals and esteemed publications such as Academy of Marketing Science Conference Proceedings, Advances in Consumer Research, Industrial Marketing Management, International Journal of Business and Management, International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, Marketing Education Review, and Psychology & Marketing. His research on topics like extraordinary experiences, luxury branding, marketing innovation, sales force technology and student interaction has earned recognition and praise from both academic and practical circles.  Robert was also honored as the UCF recipient of the distinguished American Marketing Association’s Sheth Doctoral Consortium Fellow Award.

Course Instruction

Dr. Cascio’s teaching prowess shines through in his exceptional instruction of various executive, graduate, professional, and undergraduate business courses with consistently outstanding student evaluations. His courses encompass a range of subjects, including Applied Strategy and Business Policy, Digital Marketing, Leadership and Development, Marketing Strategy, Strategic Innovation, and Professional Selling. An avid global explorer, Robert  was an invited lecturer and visiting scholar to countries including Germany, Italy, Panama, Peru, and Spain. In addition, his dedication to graduate student teaching excellence has earned official recognition and accolades from the UCF College of Graduate Studies.

Career and Work Experience

Before embarking on his doctoral journey, Robert enjoyed a fruitful 13-year career with AT&T, both home and abroad. At AT&T, he took the helm in roles involving business development, consumer awareness campaigns, financial operations, and production management. Notable milestones in his career include directing and revitalizing an AT&T subsidiary in Lima, Peru for a two-year assignment, and securing award-winning business development achievements in North and Central Florida’s premise and telephone sales divisions.

Entrepreneurial Experience

Presently, Dr. Cascio serves as the managing director of a private real estate investment and brokerage company, overseeing a portfolio of several prominent commercial and industrial properties. His key responsibilities encompass creative problem-solving for landlords and tenants, IRS Section 1031 strategies for tax-free capital appreciation, mutually beneficial lease negotiations, portfolio analysis and management, and sale-leaseback and other value-creating strategies for investment real estate partners.

Service Philosophy

While Robert is passionate about continuing to get the very most from this life on Earth, Robert is firmly committed each day to a Luke 12:34 perspective: Store up treasures in heaven. Robert is convinced these treasures reference the authentic relationships we build with others that will survive this present life and build a critical foundation for our eternal endeavors. Robert enjoys being discipled for the work of Jesus and discipling others for the same, being mentored and mentoring others, and supporting organizations that have the love, peace, and joy of Jesus Christ as their mission. The leaders and volunteers of many not-for-profit organizations routinely bless Dr. Cascio as he connects deeper with the powerful call that God has placed on their service organizations. These include Action Church, Central Care Mission, Campus Crusade (Cru), Choices Women’s Center, Faculty Commons, Good News Jail Ministry, Action Church, and Tony Evans – The Urban Alternative.


Robert’s vision for life revolves around achieving harmony through various pursuits. He eagerly anticipates participating in weekly bible study, engaging in Christian mission work, cycling, embarking on family adventures, fitness and physique competitions, international travel, mountain biking, scuba diving, and weight training. He married Brooke in 2017, a remarkable God-fearing woman of deep faith, and has been blessed with 3 inquisitive and energetic children: Rachel Anna (2018), Joshua Mark (2020), and Noah Carmelo (2022).

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