Curriculum Vitae | Robert Cascio | updated 9/2023

R O B E R T   C A S C I O

University of Central Florida (UCF) |College of Business Administration
12744 Pegasus Drive | Orlando, Florida 32816-1400, USA | USA mobile (001) 407-538-1000


  • Academic Positions
    Adjunct Professor for Business Graduate courses at the University of Central Florida (UCF), Orlando, Florida, USA.
  • Education
    Awarded PhD in Business Administration in 2011 from UCF with a concentration in Marketing Strategy.
  • Entrepreneurial Experience
    Managing director and founder of commercial real-estate investment company since 2003.
  • Corporate Experience
    13 years of domestic and international corporate experience with AT&T, including business development, finance, international development, marketing, and production.
  • Academic Research
    Multiple peer-reviewed publications, publication-reviewer experience, and active research pipeline in extraordinary experiences, luxury branding, marketing innovation, sales force technology, and student interaction.
  • Teaching Experience
    Substantial teaching experience at the executive, graduate, professional, and undergraduate level with consistently outstanding student evaluations since 2005.
  • Other Information
    Robert is a United States citizen, a native English speaker, conversational in Spanish, and familiar with basic Italian.


Current Academic Position:

2013 – present | Adjunct Professor – Graduate Business Programs
College of Business Administration | Executive Development Center
University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, USA

Faculty member for professional graduate business programs at the University of Central Florida (UCF) College of Business Administration and the UCF Executive Development Center (EDC). Robert enjoys teaching the following courses: Applied Strategy and Business Policy, Digital Marketing, Leadership and Development, Marketing Strategy, Professional Selling, and Strategic Innovation.

Previous Academic Positions:

2013 – 2016       Adjunct Faculty / Course Development and Delivery
UCF Florida Small Business Development Center
University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, USA

2006 – 2012       Graduate Teaching Associate
UCF Department of Marketing / College of Business Administration
University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, USA

2005 – 2006       Instructor / Division of Continuing Education
University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, USA


Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration | August 2011

University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, USA
Concentration: Marketing Strategy
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Jaishankar Ganesh | Co-Chair: Dr. Axel Stock
Dissertation Title: Marketing Innovation and Firm Performance: Research Model, Research Hypotheses, and Managerial Implications | Defense Date: July 2011

Abstract: This research conceptualizes and develops a scale for the marketing innovation construct for the purpose of furthering research in marketing strategy. This marketing innovation construct and its associated strategic activities are clearly distinguished from product and process innovation, better enabling researchers and practitioners to identify new and updated paths from innovation to firm performance. Marketing innovation is defined as the degree of novelty in the implementation of three core business processes: (1) product development management, (2) supply chain management, and (3) customer relationship management, as identified in the Srivastava, Shervani & Fahey (1999) framework. Results from an initial qualitative study involving in-depth interviews indicate marketing innovation is developed and fostered by marketing insight and marketing imagination, and these relationships appear to be moderated by the market orientation of the firm. As conceptualized, marketing innovation is suggested to enhance firm performance via (1) the marketing-product space, (2) the marketing-process space, and (3) the marketing-relationship space. This enhancement process, however, is moderated by the degree of radicalness in product innovation the firm is currently undergoing as well as the degree of process innovation the firm practices. A complete discussion of marketing innovation’s antecedents, manifestations, and consequences is presented. A comprehensive research model, proposed method, and details for two empirical studies, testing key relationships in the marketing innovation framework, are discussed.

Master of Business Administration | August 1990

University of Central Florida, Orlando Florida, USA
Concentration: Finance | GPA: 4.0 / 4.0

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration | August 1989

University of Central Florida, Orlando Florida, USA
Concentration: Marketing and Information Technology | GPA: 3.9 / 4.0


Florida Land Group LLC |October 2003 to present

Florida Land Group is a privately-held commercial real estate holding and management company with income-producing commercial and industrial properties in the North and Central Florida region.

Founder and Managing Director
Orlando, Florida, USA

Primary responsibilities include innovative landlord-tenant problem solving, mutually beneficial lease negotiations, portfolio analysis and management, and value-creation strategies for real estate business clients.

  • Increased annual revenues from operations at an average annual rate of 10.8% from company inception to present.
  • Implemented mobile and web-based processes for lease application and approval, property maintenance, and rent collection, improving occupancy by 12% and increasing collections by 15%.
  • Increased value of real estate portfolio by 8.5% annually with strategic property renovations targeted to needs-based market segments.
  • Recognized for excellence in customer satisfaction, property attractiveness, and tenant retention.
  • Specialist in IRS Section 1031 commercial property exchange transactions for tax-free capital gain reinvestment and equity preservation


AT&T & AT&T International | USA & South America
October 1990 – September 2003, 13 years total

Held several managerial executive positions in sales, marketing, and operations during a 13-year career with AT&T and AT&T International working in Southeastern United States and South America.

Associate Process Owner | AT&T
Maitland, Florida | 2/2002 – 9/2003

Returned to Central Florida following an international assignment in Lima, Peru. Acted as a traditional Premise Sales Manager and additionally served as the Financial Team Lead for the innovative Collections Task Force.

  • Achieved 113% of 2002 sales objective and 100% of 2003 objective
  • Obtained the second highest collections rate in the Company for 2 straight years
  • Earned 2002 President’s Club Recognition – Company’s highest award

Director of International Business Operations | AT&T / BapPeru
Lima, Peru| Sao Paulo, Brazil | Atlanta, Georgia, USA | 5/2000 – 1/2002

Managing Director and Company Officer for AT&T (BapPeru) in Lima, Peru for 2 years. Responsibilities included revenue and earnings growth for the first AT&T advertising sales operation in Latin America. Activities included business development, cash flow and income forecasting, direct profit and loss accountability, marketing strategy, production, and regulatory compliance. Span of control was 175 employees with 5 direct reports.

Fiscal year 2000 – 2001 results:

Overall Financial Performance:

  • Increased annual operating revenue 15% from $6.2 million to $7.1 million
  • Improved gross margin from $200,000 to $1.9 million from 2000 to 2001
  • Reorganized operations to reduce annual expense 33% from $935,000 to $629,000

Sales Metrics:

  • Increased daily revenue per sales rep 41%, from $367 to $516
  • Improved sales contacts that resulted in an order metric from 24% to 77%
  • Increased customer base 10% to 9,900 with strategic geographic market assignment
  • Reduced direct sales expense 12% or $350,000 with business development re-engineering

Strategic Accomplishments:

  • Used market research to streamline product costs 16% saving $500,000
  • Concentrated marketing funds to increase usage 60% in targeted higher-income residential segments

Director of Sales and Business Operations | AT&T
Melbourne, Florida, USA | Pensacola, Florida, USA | 2/1999 – 5/2000

Directed 2 sales and production offices, motivating 9 direct reports to grow sales revenues of $85 million against expenses of $9 million. Span of control was 113 employees including administrative, production, and sales employees. Major responsibilities included Collective Bargaining Unit negotiations, direct accountability for profit and loss, financial operations and collections, production efficiency, resource allocation, and revenue generation.

Performance Results:

  • Sold $525,000 (25%) more net revenue than prior calendar year: $2.1 million to $2.6 million
  • Decreased salesperson expense 13% during the same time period
  • Increased average net revenue per salesperson day by 45% from $224 to $323
  • Generated $1.3 million in 1999 Treasure Coast Florida net revenue, a 4.9% increase on a $26 million revenue base; this was 58% more than North Florida division average
  • Received 2000 President’s Club Recognition – Company’s highest award

Key Operational Accomplishments:

  • Improved phone sales productivity 54% with intensified coaching and customized training and development plans
  • Increased premise daily net results 15% with detailed individual development plans and strategic revenue solutions

Area Marketing Manager | AT&T
North Florida Region, USA  | 11/1996 – 1/1999

Managed budget of $5.8 million, establishing marketing campaigns for The Real Yellow Pages(R) from AT&T for 8 markets representing over $250 million in company revenue. Major responsibilities involved advertising and promotion, competitive tactic deployment, direct marketing campaigns, market research studies, media purchase, product development and support, public relations, sales collateral materials, and training.

Performance Results:

  • Implemented marketing strategy that resulted in achieving 115% of the $7.8 million regional net increase objective
  • Increased consumer usage from 75% to 85%, the best improvement in 5 years
  • Augmented directory possession from 79% to 86% with targeted distribution and re-delivery programs

Premise Sales Manager | AT&T
Orlando, Florida | 3/1994 – 10/1996

Motivated, evaluated, and developed 10 outside advertising sales representatives and 3 administrative employees. Duties included aggressive business development, complaint resolution, customer base growth, revenue projections, sales motivation, and specialized training.

1994 – 1996 Orlando Sales Campaigns – Aggregate Performance:

  • Increased billed revenue by 23% on service bases of $17 million
  • Generated $4 million in net revenue, 25% more than company average
  • Sold $2.8 million in new revenue, 34% more than peer average

Outside Advertising Sales Representative | AT&T
Greensboro, North Carolina; Orlando, Florida | 10/1990 – 2/1994

Commissioned position for the business-to-business sale of yellow pages advertising to local businesses. Primary duties included increasing monthly billing over prior year, protecting company revenue from cancellation, and preparation of in-depth marketing programs for client purchase.

  • Delivered 33% more sales contracts than company average
  • Top salesperson in net revenue generated for 4 major sales campaigns: Orlando FL, Brevard County FL, Greensboro NC, and Winston-Salem NC
  • Generated over $360,000 in annual net revenue on $1 million Orlando customer base in a 7-month time period
  • Received consistently superior performance evaluations for revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Winner of multiple company-wide awards for sales, profit, customer service, and quality
  • Selected for LEADS career-long elite officer development and training program, resulting in new developmental assignments every 18 to 24 months



Amatulli, Cesare; Pino, Giovanni; De Angelis, Matteo, and Cascio, Robert  (2018). “Understanding purchase determinants of luxury vintage products.” Psychology & Marketing 35: 616-624.

Abstract: Despite increasing interest toward luxury vintage products, companies often struggle to understand why consumers buy those products. This article is aimed to advance knowledge about luxury vintage product consumption by identifying the latent determinants of Italian consumersʼ purchasing of these products. The article utilizes the means-end chain (MEC) approach and the laddering interview technique to achieve this goal. Results show that consumers buy luxury vintage products mainly to satisfy their individual identity, improve their self-confidence, and achieve a sense of fulfillment. The hierarchical value mapping resulting from the MEC analysis demonstrates that luxury vintage product consumption is undeniably aimed to improve consumersʼ perception of their desired and ideal individual self-image. The article discusses the managerial implications of the study, along with its limitations and directions for future research.
Publication URL –

Amatulli, Cesare; Pino, Giovanni; Iodice, Manuela; and Cascio, Robert (2016). “Linguistic and symbolic elements in luxury fashion advertising: A qualitative analysis.” International Journal of Business and Management 11 (9): 265-271.

Abstract: This research investigates the use of English in luxury fashion print advertising, which continues to be the main channel to communicate new luxury fashion collections and products. The research aims to find cultural adaptations from the original Anglo-Saxon country to the target country. Further, this research examines the use of images in fashion magazines and, in particular, their capacity to deliver brand personality and aesthetics by creating a narrative engagement. By analyzing thirty print advertisements from U.S. and Spanish life-style magazines using the semiotic approach, checking for linguistic differences, and employing a robust, cross-cultural qualitative analysis, the authors conclude that each linguistic element in an advertisement may invoke an underlying message that can be comprehended by the majority of consumers, and that language selection itself can have a strong symbolic meaning.
Publication URL –

Johnson, Zachary, Cascio, Robert, & Massiah, Carolyn (2014). “Explaining student interaction and satisfaction: An empirical investigation of delivery mode influence.” Marketing Education Review 24 (3), 227-238.

Abstract: How interpersonal interactions within a course affect student satisfaction differently between face-to-face and online modes is an important research question to answer with confidence. Using students from a marketing course delivered face-to-face and online concurrently, our first study demonstrates that student-to-professor and student-to-student interactions have different effects on course satisfaction based on delivery mode. The second study provides evidence for the cause of this effect, demonstrating that course delivery mode adjusts students’ interpersonal evaluations of other students, but not of the professor. These findings have important implications for course instructors and administrators.
Publication URL –

Martinez-Ruiz, Maria, Jimenez-Zarco, Ana, & Cascio, Robert (2011). “Assessing the maximum level of customer satisfaction in grocery stores: A comparison between Spain and the USA.” International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management 39 (7), 504-521.

Abstract: The aim of this work is to establish the main factors that underlie store attributes in order to examine which of them present the greatest influences on achieving the maximum level of customer satisfaction. Moreover, this study seeks to determine if there are significant differences not only between factor composition; but, also their influence on customer satisfaction, depending on the focal country of residence of customers.
Publication URL –

Cascio, Robert, Mariadoss, Babu, & Mouri, Nacef (2010). “The impact of management commitment alignment on salespersons’ adoption of sales force automation technologies: An empirical investigation.” Industrial Marketing Management 39 (7), October, 1088-1096.

Abstract: Marketing and information systems scholars have explored several factors that affect sales force automation (SFA) technology adoption. In this study, we introduce a new antecedent to the SFA adoption model, Management Commitment Alignment (MCA). We show that alignment between top management and immediate supervisors’ commitment to the SFA technology is an important factor in influencing SFA adoption. Results show that while commitment from both leadership levels (perfect alignment) is the most conducive to SFA adoption, misaligned commitment conditions have surprisingly different effects on adoption. Specifically, even when supervisors are committed to sales technology, lack of top management commitment can substantial hinder SFA adoption. Managerial implications of the findings and directions for future research are discussed.
Publication URL –

Publication Reviewer Experience:

Business and Politics, 2017 to present, ISSN: 1469-3569

International Journal of Services Technology and Management (IJSTM), 2016 to 2020, ISSN: 1741-525X

International Conferences and Proceedings:

Cascio, R. & Milewicz, C. (2008). “Emotional Intelligence: A diagnostic scale optimized for sales force selection and development.” Publication and Invited Presentation – 2008 Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science Conference, Vancouver, Canada.

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to present evidence for the use of a diagnostic scale for the selection and training of professional sales representatives. While most psychologists and marketers express support for the value of emotional intelligence in personal-selling activities, marketing lacks a valid, reliable, and cost-effective measurement for this dimension that hiring managers and trainers can utilize for selection and development. A twenty-item scale is presented to assess emotional intelligence ability at a rudimentary level for prospective and existing sales people. A comprehensive guide is presented for proper use, scoring, and interpretation of the measurement.
Publication URL –

Allen, J., Massiah, C., Cascio, R., & Johnson, Z. (2007). “Triggers of extraordinary experiences within a sub-cultural consumption event.” Publication and Invited Presentation – 2007 Association of Consumer Research Conference, Memphis, TN.

Abstract: Male bikers attending Biketober Fest in Daytona Beach, Florida were used to investigate triggers of extraordinary experiences and the effect of these experiences on sub-cultural values. Pursuit of motorcycle knowledge, biker camaraderie, and sexual openness of women triggered extraordinary experiences that, in turn, had a positive influence on belief in sub-cultural values. Triggers were also interrelated. Knowledge had a positive influence on camaraderie and reciprocal relations were found between camaraderie and women’s sexuality. Finally, sexuality had a positive influence on values. Implications for the formation and maintenance of consumption communities are drawn from the findings and future research areas are suggested.
Publication URL –

Research Under Review or In Progress:

Cascio, R. “Marketing innovation matters: Going beyond product and process innovation to explain long-term firm performance enhancement and stability.” Journal of Marketing

Cascio, R. & Martinez-Ruiz, M. “Further characterizing personnel initiatives and customer orientation for building superior customer satisfaction and attitudinal loyalty.” Journal of Retailing

Cascio, R., Mariadoss, B., & Mouri, N. “Competitive intelligence gathering and firm performance: The moderating force of volition.” Journal of Marketing

Cascio, R. “The effect of economic geography on marketing effectiveness and firm performance.”

Cascio R. “The influence of after-life beliefs on personal and business consumption patterns.”


November 2005 to present

Academic Course Instruction Experience:

Executive-Level / Graduate Business Teaching Experience

  • Applied Strategy and Business Policy (MAN 6721)
    Capstone Master of Business Administration course that integrates and synthesize all MBA program learnings into a vigorous comprehensive, application-based course
  • Executive Leadership and Coaching (MAN 6395)
    Theory and practice of current leadership, coaching and human development topics and their impact on firm performance.
  • Management of Strategic Innovation (GEB 6518)
    Comprehensive overview of product and process innovation in closed and open environments and their organizational influences.

Selected Executive / Graduate Student Comments:

  • Thanks for a great session! I can honestly say I have learned more in your class that I can immediately put to use in my current career than I have from any other class throughout this program. The combination of your energy and passion for education and business results really made this class engaging and interesting. Thank you so much! – Cristina M
  • Thank you again Prof. Cascio for truly challenging us throughout the duration of this course. – Danielle C.
  • I just wanted to write and say thank you for being our professor this semester. Your class was the most I’ve been challenged and pushed in a very long time. You’ve helped me look at case studies in ways that I never understood before. Thank you for being a true graduate-level course and making us work hard and think strategically! The lessons and the keys that I have learned in your class will be what I take with me from this program. This is the first class that I have made a portfolio for myself of the issues and key ideas. You talked before that sometimes the hardest classes are the ones you are thankful for later on, and I get it now! – Courtney G.
  • Cascio, this has been an interesting course and I wanted to say thank you for bringing a genuine and personalized learning experience to the class. – Rosemary M
  • What I’ve learned is how to be a leader. I honestly thought that going into the class, I thought I knew everything that there was to know about leadership. Dr. Cascio’s approach to this class is at a higher level than I’ve experienced with any other class I’ve taken. His expectations are high, but that is appreciated. I enjoy every class as I feel he is preparing us for the demanding and competitive market.
  • Cascio offers the best of both worlds: he is a great educator as well as great at bringing real life experiences about the subject matter.
  • I have enjoyed every class more than any other class I have taken throughout my time at UCF. Dr. Cascio’s performance is outstanding and the course has offered more than I expected. Overall, the class has been a breath of fresh air for me, it has allowed me to stay focused on my goals as a leader in my organization and organize my thoughts to be more effective and support my staff better.
  • What I have liked best about this course is the dialogue that Dr. Cascio allows the class to have. This gives us the chance to see different perspectives, as well as hear other people’s experiences in the workforce that we are able to take back to our own organizations.

International Teaching Assignments:

  • Marketing Analytics, Spring 2017, University of Bari, Italy
  • Research Methods in Business, Spring 2016, University of Bari, Italy
  • Internet Marketing, Summer 2012, Hochschule Osnabrück / University of Applied Sciences
  • Qualitative Research Methods, Spring 2012, Universidad de Castilla – Albacete, Spain
  • International Business and Marketing, Summer 2011, Universidad de Jaen – Jaen, Spain
  • Global Marketing, Spring 2010, Isla Maquina, Panama

Undergraduate Teaching Experience:

  • Digital Marketing (MAR 3721)
  • Marketing Strategy (MAR 4804)
  • Professional Selling (MAR 3391)

Student Perception of Instruction Summary:

  • Overall Evaluation of the Instructor, Student Evaluation Score:
    CASCIO: 4.5 / 5.0, compared with UCF College of Business Administration at 4.1 / 5.0
  • Percentage of students rating the instructor very good or excellent:
    CASCIO: 91%, compared with UCF College of Business Administration at 71%

Small Business and Continuing Education Instruction Experience:

  • 2012 – 2014 | E-Marketing Strategy for Growing Business | Evaluation Score: 4.8 / 5.0
  • 2012 – 2014 | Social Media Strategies for Business | Evaluation Score: 4.7 / 5.0
  • 2012 – 2015 | Sales Strategies for Growing Business | Evaluation Score: 4.8 / 5.0
  • 2012 – 2013 | Web Design Series | Evaluation Score: 4.8 / 5.0
  • 2005 – 2006 | Financial Planning for Certified Financial Planner(TM) certification program

Invited Lectures and Guest Speaking:

  • Careers in Marketing | General Introduction to Business Students | Feb 2008
  • Consumer and Wholesale Trade Sales Promotion Strategies | Principles of Marketing, mass-section lecture delivered to 1200+ students | Nov 2008
  • Decision Support Systems | Principles of Marketing, mass-section lecture delivered to 1200+ students | Oct 2008
  • Ethics in Marketing | Principles of Marketing, mass-section lecture delivered to 1200+ students| Sep 2008
  • Global Marketing | Principles of Marketing, mass-section lecture delivered to 1100+ students | Aug 2005
  • Innovative Advertising | Marketing Management | UCF | Apr 2007
  • International Franchising | International Business | Rollins College | Winter Park, FL | Feb 2011
  • International Marketing and Global Market Entry Strategies | University of Jaén | Jaén, Spain | Jun 2011
  • Internet Marketing and Social Media Current Trends | University of Hochschule Osnabrück | Osnabrück, Germany | May 2012
  • Leveraging Internet Marketing and Social Media for Customer Loyalty | Customer Loyalty Conference | International Quality & Productivity Center | Orlando, FL | Jan 2013
  • Marketing Strategy – Keynote Speaker| How Successful People Think | Third Annual Business Assistance Center Expo | Palm Coast, FL | Nov 2013
  • Principles of Marketing Strategy | California State Polytechnic University – Pomona | Dec 2010
  • Print Media Effectiveness | Integrated Marketing Communications | UCF | Nov 2007
  • Psychometric Measurement for Survey Research | University of Castilla de la Mancha | Albacete, Spain | Mar 2012
  • Rewards of Marketing | American University of Bulgaria | Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria | Jan 2011
  • Social Media Marketing, University of Bari, Italy | February 2016
  • Social Media Marketing, Universidad de Castilla – Albacete, Spain | March 2012
  • Value-in-Use and other Pricing Concepts | Principles of Marketing, mass-section lecture delivered to 1100+ students | Apr 2008

More teaching detail:


Other Educational Awards, Honors, and Scholarships:

  • American Marketing Association Sheth Doctoral Consortium Fellow
    Texas Christian University | June 2010
    Selected among several candidates to represent UCF for the advancement of marketing research at this prestigious annual conference
  • Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching Award | Top candidate among all 13 University Colleges at UCF | 2009-2010
  • Graduate Research Award Winner | UCF College of Business Administration | 2009-2010
  • Graduate Research Forum Winner | Best in Category Award for UCF Business Research | Multiple-Year Winner: 2008, 2010
  • UCF Top Ten Full-Tuition Academic Scholarship Winner | Awarded a 4-year full-tuition scholarship to the University of Central Florida (UCF) for academic excellence |1987
  • Florida Academic Scholar | Awarded a 4-year stipend for college expenses for academic excellence | 1987

Academic Affiliations:

  • American Marketing Association
  • Beta Gamma Sigma – International Honor Society for Business
  • Delta Sigma Pi – Professional Business Fraternity
  • Faculty Commons – Affiliate
  • Florida Small Business Development Center – Volunteer Advisory Board Council Member
  • Marketing Science Institute
  • Product Development and Management Association

Service and Other Affiliations:

  • Advisory Board Member, Florida Small Business Development Center – Volunteer Consultant (2008 to 2016)
  • Campus Crusade for Christ – Supporter, Volunteer (2000 to present)
  • Central Care Mission – Mentor, Support, Volunteer (2018 to present)
  • Good News Jail Ministry – Volunteer (2023 to present)
  • National Association of Sports Medicine – Instructor (2017 to present)
  • National Physique Committee – Member, Participant (2018 to 2021)

Personal Information:

  • Citizenship: United States
  • Place of Birth: London, England – United Kingdom
  • Languages: English (native), Spanish (conversational), Italian (basic)
  • Married to Brooke (2017); children: Rachel (2018), Joshua (2020), and Noah (2022)