My 7 Greatest Blessings

I live an unbelievably blessed life that I have not earned. As one of His kids, God has given my more peace, joy, and love than I can measure. My desire is to return some fraction of this peace, joy, and love to others in my short stay on Earth. I pray that everyone I come to know will experience this gift of life, now and eternally.

Here are 7 specific ways that I have been blessed:

1. Accepting the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.
2. Receiving the greatest parents, the best sister, and great relatives.
3. Having the coolest circle of friends of anyone I know.
4. Directing a great team for AT&T International in Lima, Peru.
5. Completing eight marathons.
6. Visiting over 60 countries and seeing the world’s people.
7. Buying real estate in Downtown Orlando when the prices were really low.