My 7 Greatest Blessings

I live an unbelievably blessed life that I have not earned. As one of His kids, God has given my more peace, joy, and love than I can measure. My desire is to return some fraction of this peace, joy, and love to others in my short stay on Earth. I pray that everyone I come to know will experience this gift of life, peace, joy, and love, both here on Earth and after.

Here are 7 specific ways that I have been blessed:

1. Accepting the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.
2. The beautiful God-fearing Proverbs-31 wife Brooke that The Lord blessed me with.
3. My beautiful daughter Rachel that The Lord granted to my wife and I.
4. The amazing blessing of a great family, extended family, and in-laws.
5. The meaningful careers as a salesperson, corporate executive, real estate investor, and business professor that I have been blessed with.
6. Being able to experience over 120 countries and the vastness of God’s amazing creation.
7. Financial independence through belief in Jesus Christ and His promises in tithing and in fulfilling the desires of our heart.