Life Priorities

Life Is About Balance. Here are my priorities:

1. Faith
God is in control. Jesus Christ is my only example. We were never meant to live an hour apart from The Lord.

2. Fitness
Be fit, be happy, and enjoy your life. Be at your physical best to enjoy your faith, family, friends, and finances.

3. Family & Friends
What’s life without great people to share it with?

4. Fun
All work and no play… no way! I really want to visit all 194 countries and I’m not too far away from that goal, believe it or not. I want to experience all the awesome moments that The Lord has prepared for me.

5. Learning
Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know. Remain open-minded and seek knowledge and wisdom.

6. Finances
Money to enjoy life and share with others. Blessing others and making the world a better place is an important part of my mission here.