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Principles of Marketing Engineering, 2nd Edition

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Test Information:
You will not have access to your notes for the exam, so please prepare accordingly. Think about the topics we covered in class and then think about what information you might need to have in order to show proficiency in marketing analytics to your work colleagues in a strategic marketing meeting or a job interview for a marketing position. These are the types of questions I will focus on. Also, review what you have learned from each of your class assignments. If you are prepared, you will easily finish the exam in less than the 90 minutes allotted.

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Project Rubric:

Area: Proj 1 Proj 2 Notes:
Purpose of the Study 5 5 what company problem or issue are you addressing and attempting to solve; remember the time limit of 8 to 12 mintues — choose an appropriate scope / focus for the study; it must be a meaningful and critical company issue
Use of Appropriate Data Analysis Methods 15 25 did you use the most important tools from the class in your analysis given your company situation and objectives; advertising reponse functionss, clv, segmentation, targeting, positioning, conjoint analysis, etc.
Conclusions Drawn from Analysis 15 25 what specifically did you learn from the analysis from a managerial perspective
Financial Analysis 10 15 what are the financial implications for taking no action versus taking the action you recommend, return on investment? Should be at least 15% and up to 400%, be sure you include the costs; consider the operating costs; use 3 scenarios: best / ideal case, worst case, most likely
Strategic Action that should be taken 10 10 what action should the company take, have a timeline or schedule for these actions
Presentation Quality – slides, illustrations, charts, graphs, easy to read and understand, easy for the audience to follow, did you convince the audience to take your suggestions 10 10 did you organize and present the information in a manner that overall convinces the audience to follow your course of action? Does the audience believe your analysis and believe that you have the right solution to the problem?
Executive Summary – well written, summaries the most critical information for the top executives 5 5 if you were a top executive and could not attend the presentation, what would you tell them about the presentation? Include the most important information to persuade them that they need to follow your strategic actions.
References Used 5 5 appropriate references to show credibility to the analysis with benchmarks and industry averages
Total 75 100