Abstract: Management Commitment Alignment (MCA), IMM Publication

The impact of management commitment alignment on salespersons’ adoption of sales force automation technologies: An empirical investigation

Robert Cascio, University of Central Florida
Babu John Mariadoss, Washington State University
Nacef Mouri, George Mason University


Marketing and information systems scholars have explored several factors that affect sales force automation (SFA) technology adoption. In this study, we introduce a new antecedent to the SFA adoption model, Management Commitment Alignment (MCA). We show that alignment between top management and immediate supervisors’ commitment to the SFA technology is an important factor in influencing SFA adoption. Results show that while commitment from both leadership levels (perfect alignment) is the most conducive to SFA adoption, misaligned commitment conditions have differential effects on adoption. Specifically, even when supervisors are committed to sales technology, lack of top management commitment can hurt SFA adoption. Managerial implications of the findings and directions for future research are discussed.

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