Student Comments

MAR 4804, PM, Summ2010 (7)

Student Comments about Robert Cascio

Here are some selected comments from student evaluations of Robert Cascio’s instruction of various undergraduate, graduate, and executive-education courses.

  • The course is all about business strategy and innovation. I particularly like how innovation is built directly into strategy implementation. The instructor is high speed and dynamic. He is an excellent facilitator of discussion each class period. His method of breaking up the assignments and work load keeps the student engaged throughout the term. He asks thought provoking questions and has the background and experience to help the class draw conclusions.
  • I have enjoyed every class more than any other class I have taken throughout my time at UCF. Dr. Cascio’s performance is outstanding and the course has offered more than I expected. Overall, the class has been a breath of fresh air for me, it has allowed me to stay focus on my goals as a leader in my organization and organize my thoughts to be more effective and support my staff better.
  • I wanted to thank you for the class and especially your sincere interest and effort. I needed to tell you that I greatly appreciated the last slide show…. With everybody being very cynical, I thought the last lecture was the bravest and noblest things I’ve ever seen a professor do for their students. – Nelson C

Applied Strategy and Business Policy – Graduate (UCF Main Campus and EDC)

  • I just wanted to write and say thank you for being our professor this semester. Your class was the most I’ve been challenged and pushed in a very long time. You’ve helped me look at case studies in ways that I never understood before. Thank you for being a true graduate level course and making us work hard and think strategically! The lessons and the keys that I have learned in your class will be what I take with me from this program. This is the first class that I have made a portfolio for myself of the issues and key ideas. You talked before that sometimes the hardest classes are the ones you are thankful for later on, and I get it now! – Courtney G.
  • Dr. Cascio, this has been an interesting course and I wanted to say thank you for bringing a genuine and personalized learning experience to the class. – Rosemary M
  • What I’ve learned is how to be a leader. I honestly thought that going into the class, I thought I knew everything that there was to know about leadership. Dr. Cascio’s approach to this class is at a higher level than I’ve experienced with any other class I’ve taken. His expectations are high, but that is appreciated. I enjoy every class as I feel he is preparing us for the demanding and competitive market.
  • Dr. Cascio offers the best of both worlds, he is a great educator as well as great at bringing real life experiences about the subject matter.
  • What I have liked best about this course is the dialogue that Dr. Cascio allows the class to have. This gives us the chance to see different perspectives, as well as hear other people’s experiences in the workforce that we are able to take back to out own organizations.

Leadership Development and Coaching – Graduate (UCF Main Campus and EDC)

  • I think this class is awesome. I have never been one to retain information over an entire semester, but with this class I feel like everything we learned was useful information that I
    will be able to implicate in my work life.
  • Showed tremendous passion and involvement with the course and students. Hands down one of the best teachers at UCF.
  • “The Work of Leaders” was a great text choice. It really got to the “how tos” of being a leader in a clear and concise way. I actually liked the way homework assignments were
    structured. It helped me think deeply about the cases without taking up an excessive amount of time (due to the very concise word counts).
Strategic Management of Innovation – Graduate (UCF Main Campus and EDC)
  • “Possibly the best-structured course [Strategic Management of Innovation] I’ve ever taken. Prof. was extremely efficient in the way he organized the course,  as well as every individual class. He showed a high degree of professionalism and enthusiasm.” -Diego V.
  • ” Very dynamic approach to teaching, I enjoyed the visual aspect of the lectures. Instructor is very enthusiastic and clearly passionate about the topic.”
  • “Really enjoyed every aspect of the course. Prof. was extremely engaging and really kept the class/cohort engaged. Really liked the case discussions and examples provided.”
  • “Dr. Cascio has a way of connecting with his students that I have never seen before. The way he effectively communicates his lessons are great.He doesn’t talk down or appear
    condescending at all. Great learning environment was created.”
  • “I have never seen a professor at UCF so concerned for students to learn and striving to be a good educator. Thank you. it is greatly appreciated!”  Carolina B
  • “I would also like to thank you for delivering a wealth of business knowledge. Being an engineer and operations researcher, business has been an important complement. Your course was excellent and I was able to relate it in depth to work I had done before.”  – Jaime A.

E-Marketing – Undergraduate (UCF Main Campus)

  • “Cascio was by far my favorite professor! I’ve learned so much in this class!”
  • “Cascio cares about making the class enjoyable and informative for the students. Always gives us real-world examples and he truly cares about students.”
  • “The most comprehensive and compelling class I have taken in my college career.”
  • “E-marketing is an extremely important version of marketing that affects all aspects of business. Soon to be Dr. Cascio did an EXCELLENT job at proving this. His genuine interest in the subject and substantial knowledge & qualifications was my favorite part of the course. Hats off to Dr. Cascio, you as a professor made this course one the most important courses I will ever take.”
E-Marketing – Executive Education, Small Business Development Center at UCF
  • “All of the information was helpful, well put together and clearly explained. All of the resources are important to the small business owner who wants / needs to “do it yourself.”
  • “Excellent content in this seminar.”
  • “The entire Part I-B and I-C was very useful to me.”
Marketing Strategy – Undergraduate, Final Marketing Course (UCF Main Campus)
  • “By far the most interesting, enthusiastic & motivating professor I’ve had in my 5 years at UCF. Thank you for your hard work & concern for every student!!” Sincerely, Tasha Wise
  • “Professor Cascio was very respectful of our time & made the most out of class time. I also thoroughly enjoyed the case studies; they weren’t the average dull cases I’m used to. He really made sure we extracted a lot out of every case. Grades posted quickly. The most brilliant professor I’ve had at UCF. Would take him again if I weren’t graduating.”
  • “Keep up the good work! You’re the best professor I’ve had at UCF in 5 years. The only one that’s remembered my name.”
    “Mr. Cascio is an excellent instructor and you can tell he really cares about us as students. There to help us if we need it. Always shows respect. Some of the material was hard to grasp but Mr. Cascio made it easier and more fun to learn. Great instructor.”
Professional Selling – Undergraduate (UCF Main Campus)
  • “I TRULY enjoyed your class.  It was INCREDIBLE!  I actually LOOKED FORWARD to coming to your class every week.  I learned A LOT in such a short time, and I’m glad that I chose to take this class with you. I wish you the best of luck in the future! You’re the best :-)” Aamir Surana
  • “One of the best classes I’ve taken at UCF with one of the best instructors.”
  • “Thank you!!! This has honestly been the best class I’ve had so far. Very involved with real life scenarios I think everyone will take something useful from this class”
  • “Instructor ran the class VERY smoothly. He made it fun, interesting, and made me want to learn more. Excellent!!!”
  • “Professor Cascio was the best thing about this course. I could not express how he brought the class to life, made material applicable, and overall respect and concern for students.”
Additional Student Feedback:
End of the course official student evaluation comments:
“He got us involved, really cared about our learning. Used new information and updated articles.”
“Interesting class. Cared about the students and wanted us to do well. Fast grading, good feedback. Great professor!”
“Very engaging, instructor really was interested in us LEARNING. Was fair with grading and listed to students’ feedback to improve the course.”
“One of my favorite classes here.”
“The guest speakers were very informative.”
“Great professor”
“AWESOME teacher”
“Designing my own website made me feel accomplished and is something I never would have done on my own but I am thankful that he assigned this!”
“I love that he has a website with all of the grades info listed. Tests and quizzes were appropriate measures.”
“He really wants us to enjoy the course, and loves what he teaches. The online quizzes were good.”
“The articles and cases showed that this class is applicable in the real world.”
“Very good instruction. I would have loved to take another of your classes.”
[I liked] “the use of case studies to help further drive home the point of a particular topic. Cascio was well organized and genuinely cared for the students.”
“All exams were fair. I hated the quizzes but they were fair and Cascio always told us in advance.”
“I liked the relaxed feeling of the class and I felt like I could ask questions very easily. The teaching made a great learning environment.”
“Tests were hard but you get what you put into it.”
“Great teacher. I would suggest this class to everyone. I think it is a necessary class for marketing and the integration process.”
“He has able to talk with us and not just to us. He related to us.”
“Awesome class. I’m really glad I took this as my elective.”
“Great instruction, feedback. Professor was a great listener. Keep up the awesome work.”
“I think Mr. Cascio really made class interesting and definitely engaged his students through interactivity and class discussion, as well as providing great real-world examples. I also like how he offered advice about interviews and that the key things are to take from a chapter or presentation.”
“Great instructor! I also liked how the instructor would take students’ comments seriously.”
“Projects, assignments, tests – 3 checks of learning were great at evaluating course mastery.”
“Great course, top-notch professor, LUCRATIVE subject. Students if you want to be competitive in the job market, TAKE THIS CLASS!”
“In the words that my 13-yr-old son says whenever anything is cool! The class
& professor were “BAD ASS!” Thank you!”
“Teach more classes.”
“I liked how he was interested in the students as far as us understanding the material and projects. Good job overall. Thank you!”
“The concepts taught in this course were very interesting and relevant. Mr. Cascio was extremely respectful with all of us. I would suggest this course to friends interested in any field.”
“The professor was awesome, great guy very helpful.”
“Kept interesting, fun, interactive.” Great class & Great instructor.”
“No other class teaches internet related business course. You see a whole different side to business. Great teacher, fun, enthusiastic. Learn a lot!
“I enjoyed working on the projects. They were very beneficial to my growth as a marketer and gave me a competitive advantage with the website.”
“Teacher was energetic and had a high concern for students’ learning. Feedback was quick and thorough.”
“Very good professor! Likes to teach.”
“The instructor was very in tune with our needs. Excellent professor. I like the distribution on test, projects, quizzes, etc.”
“Tests were challenging. Great teacher and class! I’ve learned so much.”
“I felt like the info learned will help me a lot when in my career.”
“I liked the subject matter and found it interesting and applicable. Also, I like project 2. Thanks for a great class! I really enjoyed the material.
“Nice fun professor. Useful info. Really liked the class. Tests were a little hard.”
“I like the projects. Very good. Cascio is an awesome instructor.”
“Great guest speakers. Awesome articles.”
Loved this class. Probably my favorite this semester.
I liked the grade breakdown. It was very fair.
Felt like I was well prepared to not just understand the information but to apply it to real life situations. This class should be a requirement.
Very helpful! Interesting topic; learned a lot about online marketing.
Animated teacher. I could tell he loved teaching e-marketing used examples and related topics to real world situations. I felt challenged in this course, but the instructor made learning the material interesting and applicable to our lives. I liked most of the guest speakers. I liked the course subject matter.
Very outgoing and fun course, despite being at 7:30 am (I have an hour drive prior to class as well), Cascio keeps me from looking at the clock and I really appreciate that. He really understands what he teaches and I feel that he really cares about the effect he has on students. You don’t find that in every professor you meet.
Professor cared about helping students learn. Always asked for feedback. Rare! Best instructor I have yet at UCF!
Fantastic teacher!!! I learned a lot in this class.
I liked that he used videos to break up lectures to show what we’re learning in class how it’s being put to use in the “real world”
Some of the articles were very helpful and insightful. The projects were good experience.
The guest speakers. Creating the personal site. Learning how to present using a custom made website.
Fair professor and teaches you material you can use outside of school He is just a great instructor.
Robert has a clear understanding of the material and this is greatly appreciated. He is extremely knowledgeable and helps students truly learn!
This was an interesting class. I’m very glad I took it!
Other feedback from students about E-Marketing:
“I took your e-marketing class last fall, and I have to tell you it was one of the best classes I have taken. The information you taught us has been of great use in the “real world.” -Ashley Riedel
“I want to thank you so much for all the insight and lessons you taught in the e-marketing course. I recently got a job at Revenue Performance as a project coordinator. The concepts you taught me really made me stand out in my interview! Thanks again and I hope we stay in touch!” – Kathy Adams
“It’s been about a month into my new job and I’m having a great time and working hard at Revenue Performance. I’m using the information you taught everyday. It feels good to know what everyone is talking about…. Thank you again.” – Kathy Adams
“All of this is good and well, but most importantly, Dr. (soon to be) Cascio is one of the most amazing professors I have ever had!”
“This is hands down my favorite class (I am not sucking up) I learn a lot and come prepared and listen attentively because I want to learn as much as possible because the material is real and relevant.”
“I just wanted to thank you for a great semester. Your class was one of my favorites during my time at UCF. I thought it was really refreshing to finally have a teacher who is teaching what they I know best and practice regularly. Usually teachers are detached from the real world of their practice or subject they are teaching. I also really like the guest speakers. I would push to teach this class more if you could because I know I am not the only who has taken you thinks this.” – Chris Parish
“The knowledge gained in this class will prove to be invaluable as I move into the professional world. I … thoroughly enjoyed the material covered in the class. Thanks for a great semester!” – Justin Silver
“Excellent class very helpful! Marketing was so interesting and fun to attend. Professor is very knowledgeable of the internet and how to properly utilize its services.”
Marketing Strategy
End of the course official student evaluation comments:
“Harvard case studies interesting. Great instructor! Very insightful.”
“Very informative. I loved the real life experiences and the guest speakers. Thanks for being a great, fun professor.”
“The way the course was designed and taught was wonderful! The best course I’ve taken at UCF because of the professor.”
“Guest speakers with real world knowledge. Took the time to teach real world situations. Great class. Worth my time.”
“I actually learned a lot & I feel like I can use this info in the real world. Mr. Cascio is a very enthusiastic instructor. Thank you.”
“I always enjoy Mr. Cascio as an instructor. He relates to students on a personal basis and explains class material clearly and thoroughly. Thanks again for a great semester.”
“The teamwork projects and class discussion were very interesting. Testing was fair and covered a lot of real world aspects. Great teacher.”
“Mr. Cascio taught well. He helped us understand everything to our best ability. He was fair with everything. The overall weighting of the test/quizzes/assignments was great.”
“Best teacher ever! Interesting case material. Easy grader to those who deserve it. Awesome instructor! Best I ever had.”
“Great class. Great instructor.”
“Grading and assignments: good combination of knowledge retention and application.”
“I learned a lot more about strategy. Became more analytical.”
Other feedback from students about Marketing Strategy:
“I would like to thank you for a great semester. I really enjoyed your class and your teaching style and I learned a lot from you.” -Kyle Wilson
“It was a pleasure having you as a professor again. You are by far the best professor I’ve had at UCF.” – Chelsea Klutz
“I just wanted …. to say thank you for all your hard work because if it weren’t for the R* case study, or all others, I don’t think I’d have felt half as prepared to accept this job. I’m really excited and hope that your future students are able to get as much as I did out of your course.”
“I have had Cascio for Professional Selling and Marketing Strategy. He is always willing to work with students and adjust the class to form the best learning environment. He makes the class challenging but not to the point where it is impossible. I highly recommend Cascio; he is a high-energy guy, and relates to students on a personal level.”
“Overall great class, among the best I have had at UCF so very good way to finish off my college career. You did a great job getting us interested in the material because you can relate real world experience and youth far better then older professors can. Thanks for the semester.”  – Adam S
“I hope you enjoy the remainder of the summer and if you ever teach any more classes, please let me know. Your views and teachings are very knowledgeable and inspiring and I wish there were more professors like you at UCF.” -Evan Jones
“I had a great semester, and I’m so glad I decided to take your class instead of getting the class over with during summer A. I had heard a lot of great things about your teachings from other students, and it ended up being worth it to mess up my schedule and miss out on time off during the summer. I sometimes miss my time as a microbiology major, because the teachers always challenged their students hard. The business teachers are great too, because they are excellent at explaining the material and offering personal insight. This class gave me the best of both worlds, and I’m very thankful. Keep up the great work!” -Kate Czaikowski
“Hi Mr. Cascio, This is LeCory Ruffin. I was in your marketing strategies class at the end of last summer. I hope you remember me. I just wanted to say hello and see how things were going. I also wanted to thank you for the valuable skills you taught while I was in your class. It was by far the most challenging class I ever attended, and I believe I’m reaping the benefits of going through your class. You helped me begin to look outside the box and take a broad look at an entire situation. You demonstrated well rounded skills that no other professor has ever shown me. Everyone else is concentrated and specialized, but you knew what you were talking about about a multitude of disciplines on top of your obvious marketing expertise. That has inspired me to open my horizons and learn as much information as possible and hopefully one day I can be as successful as you. Before, I wouldn’t touch finance and accounting information, but since the class, I’m trying to learn more about all those subjects. I feel that I’m applying what I’ve learned adequately in my capstone class I am currently in. My lab teacher is Sean McMahon. I also was touched by your farewell words on the last day of class. Not many professors I ever encountered took the time to give an encouragement the way you did. I really appreciate it. I just wanted to say thank you. You had a larger impact on me than you may think. LeCory Ruffin
“This is my personal recommendation for Robert Cascio. He was a marketing professor of mine, and was an expert at his craft. His knowledge of subject matter was expansive, he was always available outside of class to help and consult. He facilitated learning like no other professor I had during my college tenure. He was consistently upbeat, giving every lecture with dedication and a smile. One of the only professors I’ve encountered with a genuine interest in a students furthered success. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the teaching of Professor Cascio. I was pretty lost in terms of what I want to do with my marketing degree until your class. Sure I was doing well regurgitating the information from my books, but I didn’t know how to apply that to a job search, or how to pull all those individual skills together. Pair that with the fact that a guest speaker from your class led to my eventual hiring at Disney (wdpro) and it’s easy to see that your class was the most influential one in my college career. I have my first presentation to a board of executives Wednesday, a little nervous… lol. Then if all goes well I’ll be presenting via video chat to executives in California for funding related to my current project.” – Chris Mahana
Professional Selling
End of the course official student evaluation comments:
The course is very engaging and we were provided opportunities to get to know each other. Professor Cascio makes himself readily available to students, even with his busy schedule.
Excellent teacher, one of the best classes at UCF. The challenge course was a great idea and should be used every year.
I learned a lot from this professor not only on the course material but things I can take with me once I graduate. The assignments weren’t overwhelming, he gave great feedback/opportunities for improvement, great discussions, and overall I had a wonderful experience in his class.
The class always had a lot of energy, and has been the most practical, useful class I have taken so far. I feel like it’s the first and only class which actually offered “real world” preparation.
Very interesting professor; made class material very appealing to students; excellent time management; covered everything that needed to be covered; kept students up to date with information.Very positive instructor. Appeared to enjoy teaching and really make sure the students understood what was being taught. The pace of the course is fast at first and then slows down towards the end, this was nice because it is the opposite of many other classes.
Great passion for teaching, I feel like I can actually use what I was taught.
Cascio’s conversation style is great. He tries his very hardest to make sure his students are learning and that is class is not boring. Most importantly he made selling fun!
Cascio is a great instructor. He pushes you to think outside of the box. His class was chanllenging but in a good way. I have learned more from his class and will actually use the information he has taught me. He is a great asset to UCF and would take any class he teaches.
Cascio is a wonderful instructor. He is very passioniate about what he teaches and cares about what his students are learning. Would recommend anyone to take this course. I would take another course with him if I had the chance.
Wow, finally a professor that can teach & do! Prof. Cascio brings proven real-world experience into the classroom. I would absolutely take this professor for every class if that was possible.
Awesome and authentic.
Epic – Fresh.
You tell us what we need to hear.
I like how the professor grades and he is very specific in what he is asking for.
Gives real world examples and has some fund with the class; it is not boring.
Your enthusiasm, frienliness, ability to relate to and with us.
Relates course material to everyday situations. Love the feedback, and the specifics that are given. Also love the real-life examples, youtube videos…
He is very informative, helpful, and great at what he does. What we are learing is USEFUL and RELEVANT.
Excellent class, highly organized and stimulating. Recaps at the beginning an dend of class. Interesting, entertaining.
Kept me awake and I actually learned new things every class.
never a dull moment
Very enthusiastic teacher and understands the material really well. I really enjoyed the challenge course. He also made the process of public speaking less frightening.
Honestly speaking, this was by far THE MOST interesting course I’ve taken at UCF. I actually looked forward to going to this class every week. From my perspective, there wasn’t a single “wasted” second in this class. Prof. Cascio is very efficient and productive with his time. He is VERY lively and knows how to gain the interest of students. Therefore, I would have to say that the thing I enjoyed MOST about this course was the professor’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject. Prof. Cascio is one-of-a-kind!! UCF needs more instructors like him. -Aamir Surana
There were many of the assignments that we could use for our professional life, which is an excellent way to learn.
The interaction in class. He was a great teacher… a lot of assignments, but very worth it.
Professor Cascio—He is truly an amazing teacher and one of the best I’ve ever had! He does such a good job of keeping students interested. By the time I get to his class I am typically extremely tired and drained. I begin my day at 6am, go to class at 7:30 then work from 9-5 in a hotel. and if you know anything about the hotel business no 2 days are ever alike but each day is just as exhausting as the day before, if not more. I love my job, but by the time 5pm on a monday rolls around I’m ready to go to bed. Somehow though I always walk out of Cascio’s class energized and I will almost always stop back at work on my way home because I feel so motivated. I never skip his class! its helps to get me energized for the week. Another thing I like about Cascio is he has the credentials to teach the classes he teaches, he has done everything and has the real world stories to back himself up. I always appreciate it when a teacher brings in stories from their past experiences to reiterate a point.
This class was a lot of fun. This is a 3 hour class, and he made it go fast.
Steps of sales presentation
Mr. Cascio shared valuable real world experience with us. He taught in a way that strived to have each student perform to the best of their ability.
Hands on approach, the professor kept everyone very involved.
Ropes Course! Wish we could have done it in the beginning of the semester but it was a great relationship builder in the class which is extremely helpful with the role play and interactive environment of professional selling
It taught me to be less anxious when speaking in public.
Being able to practice role plays Many chances to bring up your grade.
Cascio has a great personality and keeps stimulation alive and well for a night class when students are tired
Prof. Cascio has helped me develop a whole new perspective of marketing. He has sparked an interest in me about the subject. I believe his assignments and feedback are incredibly helpful in giving us a better understanding of the subject. However, as I mentioned previously, I believe his testing/grading policies can be a bit easier.
Exams are fair. I like the open ended questions. The career portfolio and book reviews are both awesome things I will take away from this class. I’ve already purchased copies of a few of the books we reviewed for managers in our office to read. the Career Portfolio is something I’m pretty proud of and I’m actually hesitant to hand my resume out now because of how confident I am in it. I’ve only given it to one person and I got the job. casio has a true ability to give honest and to the point feedback without offending or saything anything in a manner that would upset someone. I’ve paid close attention to this as I too would like to be able to provide guidance to people without sounding rude. His feedback on the sales calls was on-point!
He would always keep us updated and made sure everyone was in the same pace.
Methodology of course was very interesting and thought provoking
Method of evaluation was extremely fair. We were told upfront what was expected of us and how we would be graded. He didn’t simply “pass” students; he truly made you earn your grade.
The professor was very knowledgeable and tied the course to real life situations so you could visualize what was happening.
prof cascio was great in being very involved in our class- made it fun and less scary which i was at first with the notion of role plays.
Professor Cascio is one of the best professors I have ever had at UCF.
I think that Professor Cascio has some of the best teaching techniques I’ve ever seen. This is a serious testimony, as I am basically a professional student. I currently have 200 credit hours and didn’t even need this class to graduate; so not only have I sat in a lot of classes with many different teaching styles but I didn’t even need professional selling to graduate but took it simply because I saw Cascio was teaching it. I like how he structures everything. It is so nice to walk in and get a brief intro about what we’ll be covering that day, after a short lead-in that reviews what we did last week. A skill that I am trying to perfect and utilize in meetings with various managers I work with. I love that we video tape our sales calls so that we can review them. There are so many things I don’t even realize I do, and so many opportunities for improvement, watching myself was a true eye opener.
I was so scared at the beginning of the semester and he sure made it go by smoothly. He was so concerned in our learning that he sometimes came off as a friend rather than a teacher. Honestly, I don’t know what else to say…He is just an awesome person and teacher! I’m glad I will have him again for the summer!!. =) P.S. Loved the challenge course, keep it up with the guest speakers, and just keep being you!
Mr. Cascio provided numerous tools that will be beneficial in business and for students continuing their education. I really enjoyed the class. I learned a lot about myself, communication and selling ideas. I’m very glad that this is mandatory Marketing class. Extremely useful!!!
Don’t fire him, he’s a good professor
Keep doing what you’re doing.
“He really is an amazing professor. He is passionate & knowledgeable!”
“The course is very beneficial no matter what career you get in”
“I’m a big fan of this class”
“Hands on learning”
“Instructor was always willing to help; I like the projects.”
“Of all my classes, I learned the most from this one. very practical.”
“Cascio makes it interesting”
“Learned so much, greatly appreciated”
“You relate it to real life, give real examples”
“I am going to be much more confident whenever I walk into an office. The class helped me in all aspects of selling. It teaches you how to be professional, confident, and ready to make the sale.”
“The class was very well organized and well mapped out.”
“The material I learned in this class is very important to me and will be applied in my future in many ways.”
“This course is important because it gives you the basics on how to sell professionally. I definitely have applied the material I learned at work.”
“I am glad I took it and learned so much from it.”
“The class as a whole was excellent.”
“The course fulfilled my expectations. I felt as though I gained a lot of knowledge from this course.”
“I feel as though I also learned how to overcome objections in the correct way.”
“I am very satisfied with the course.”
“Organized. Well outlaid. Never wasted time. Learned a lot. Excellent!
“Cared about students & learning. Keep teaching.”
“I learned a lot from evaluating role plays and assignments. It was very useful.”
“I was not crazy about taking this class as I do not like selling!! But Prof Cascio made it as easy as possible for me to do well.”
“I was very nervous to take this course because of the role plays but Cascio really prepared us for them and made the entire experience much less nerve racking. Very fair grading & excellent feedback on EACH assignment.”
“Professor Cascio was a great teacher. I learned a lot and he is very inspiring.”
“Tests are hard.”
“There are too many assignments and things to do in class.”
“I felt that Prof. Cascio was too strict on grading.”
“Too many presentations for one semester.”
Other feedback from students about Professional Selling:
“This was 1 of those classes that I looked forward to every week! He knows how to keep your interest & is VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE about the subject. You need 2 study hard for the exams (there are only 2).lots of role plays/assignments which can help your grade if you follow directions/prepare well. PROF CASCIO IS AMAZING. I REALLY WISH HE TAUGHT MORE CLASSES”
“I’m loving your class! kinda Funny story, I currently have 60 excess credit hours at UCF, luckily I am still only 22 but going on my 2nd year as a senior, but I still choose to take your class even though I don’t need it to graduate because of what a great teacher you are.  Just thought you might like to know, and I recommend you to every marketing major I know!” – Brittany Dytrich
“I was a student in your Professional Selling class this spring, and really enjoyed your class…. I am trying to put together an all-day sales training and would love to have you as a guest speaker at this meeting. As I said, I thought you were an engaging speaker during my semester as your student and really think you would add value to this sales training meeting.” – Tabatha Davis
“It has been a pleasure learning from you. I thank you for helping me grow my communication skills!” -Angela Garabo
“Just wanted to say thanks for a great class and constant positive reinforcement.” -Jimmy Johnson
“He is a really cool guy. He loves teaching and is good at it. He is very helpful and wants his students to learn, rather than do work just for a grade. Two tests and the rest assignments. I learned a ton in an easy class. Definitely the best teacher I have had at UCF so far.”
“I just wanted to thank you again for providing me with an invaluable learning experience. I can truly see your passion for teaching and it really does make a difference. I looked forward going to your class every week because I knew I would learn extremely useful information, not only from a selling stand-point, but just about life as a whole. You really are a great role model for students and your positive attitude is contagious. Once again, Thank you” – Wade Bass
“Hey Prof. Cascio,   It has been a while since I had last wrote you or seen you around campus. But, I wanted to drop in and say thank you for your instruction over the past year. I thoroughly enjoyed your teaching methods and beliefs because it is something that I have not experienced in another class setting…. Thank you again for all of your hard work and I hope you will continue inspiring other students like me.” – Evan R. Jones
“Prof. Cascio, Thank you very much for everything this semester. You made the material very easy to digest and were fair in your assessment of us. I hope to keep in touch and good luck in your future endeavors.” – Aviel Solar
Other Feedback from Professional Selling:
My name is Chris Connelly and I was a past student of yours about a semster or two ago. I am writing you to just say thanks. I attended your professional selling course during that semester and learned so much and all to be relevant in my business. If you cant remember I was a student who was starting an autoglass business asking for advice on how to approach insurance agents. After your course I utilized all the information you taught as well as the confidence you gave and put it towards my business. I was able to lock down multiple corporate accounts summing up over $25,000 per month in revenue for my business. These companies are Carmax (orlando), Carmax (tampa), Orange County Sheriff’s Department Fleet (entire fleet contract), and Kauffman Tire Distributor Fleet. Once again I would just like to say thank you and let you know how inspiring your accomplishments were to me and what you taught went to making a student very successful! – Chris Connelley
I wanted to thank you for teaching Professional Selling last semester. After graduating in May I moved into a financial sales role at the downtown R* branch. I recently went to a R* sales training class that included video taped role plays and I was the valedictorian of the class that included 20+ year banking veterans. The instructor asked where I learned my sales techniques and I had to boast about my experience in MAR 3391. I even shared with her my video role plays from last semester. I wanted to inform of my success and give you complete credit because I wouldn’t have done nearly as well without going through your class. I have taken a lot of what I learned and apply it everyday in my career! I can say that Professional Selling was the most beneficial class of my undergraduate career! So, with that being said, thank you!”
– Josh Allen