Student Page

Welcome to the student section of the website. I am very passionate about providing the very best learning experience for all the students that I have the privilege of working with. I learn a great deal in the process, too.

Here is what a few students had to say:

  • I have never had a professor take the time to respond to an evaluation like such. It leaves an imprint of character and and motivates students to get everything we can from you and your course; similar to employees who will “go to war” for their boss. It takes a lot to gain the belief from students/employees that a professor’s/manager’s actions are genuine, and the intangible’s that come with gaining this credibility in school or work brings about the culture seen in many successful organizations.I have truly found your class to be possibly the most beneficial to me at this point in my developing life and career. My only regret is being so busy that I could not soak in more knowledge. Brian B
  • Thank you again Prof. Cascio for truly challenging us throughout the duration of this course.- Danielle C.
  • Thanks for a great session! I can honestly say I have learned more in your class that I can immediately put to use in my current career than I have from any other class throughout this program. The combination of your energy and passion for education and business results really made this class engaging and interesting. Thank you so much! – Cristina M
  • I never knew a class could be so enjoyable. I catch myself applying all the knowledge gained from your class to my everyday life. Thanks again for making my last semester a memorable one. – Andre B.