Dissertation Chair: Dr. Jaishankar Ganesh
Dissertation Co-Chair: Dr. Axel Stock

Dissertation Title:
Marketing Innovation and Firm Performance: Research Model, Research Hypotheses, and Managerial Implications

Research Model:


This research conceptualizes and develops a scale for the marketing innovation construct for the purpose of furthering research in marketing strategy. This marketing innovation construct and its associated strategic activities are clearly distinguished from product and process innovation, better enabling researchers and practitioners to identify new and updated paths from innovation to firm performance. Marketing innovation is defined as the degree of novelty in the implementation of three core business processes: (1) product development management, (2) supply chain management, and (3) customer relationship management, as identified in the Srivastava, Shervani & Fahey (1999) framework. Results from an initial qualitative study involving in-depth interviews indicate marketing innovation is developed and fostered by marketing insight and marketing imagination, and these relationships appear to be moderated by the market orientation of the firm. As conceptualized, marketing innovation is suggested to enhance firm performance via (1) the marketing-product space, (2) the marketing-process space, and (3) the marketing-relationship space. This enhancement process, however, is moderated by the degree of radical product innovation the firm is currently undergoing as well as the degree of process innovation the firm practices.


Dissertation, Extended Abstract, Robert Cascio, UCF